Make your tax deductible check to:

The Madison Parks Foundation-Quann4Dogs

And mail it to:

The Madison Parks Foundation, Inc
215 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, Suite 120
Madison, WI 53703

Dog parks are the only City parks entirely self-funded by their users. The only money for dog parks comes from the Dog Park Permit fees.

Quann4Dogs, the advocacy group for Quann off-leash dog park, invites you to come, run and play at Quann park.   If the dog park fund falls short for needed or desired improvements, Quann4Dogs funds will be used to help make them happen.   Our initial goal was to fund the fencing project and while we were able to lobby the Board of Park Commissioners into paying for this with the permit fee/dog park fund, additional money may be needed to make the fence truly a barrier.  There are other improvements we may need to help with, such as lighting, park benches, picnic tables, and mowing and/or mulch for paths.

If you are looking for a way to make a charitable contribution to the parks YOU use, please consider a contribution to the

Madison Parks Foundation - Quann4Dogs account.

Quann4Dogs, in cooperation with The Madison Parks Foundation, has set up a tax deductible (501.C.3) account to collect contributions for improvements of the dog park at Quann.

Donations of all sizes are welcome!

A Dog Park Permit is required to use Quann off-leash dog park.  This permit will allow use of all the city, county, Sun Prairie and Middleton Dog Parks.  Dog Park Permits raise the ONLY money for the off-leash dog parks. Permit fees are segregated into a separate fund and are used for any and all dog park maintenance and improvements. Maintenance items such as waste pickup bags, the blue waste barrels and waste collection are included in costs to this dog park fund.

Dog park Permit Fees collected by each governmental unit are kept by the unit - not shared.  So fees collected by Madison are used for Madison dog parks and fees collected by the county are used for the county dog parks. So if you want more and better dog parks within Madison, buy your dog park permit through the City of Madison. Here's how. If purchasing a permit at a pet supply shop or other vendor, ask whether that the money is being sent to the city or the county.