Quann Park Etiquette:

Quann Park Etiquette:
The Quann off-leash dog park is covered by the same rules as other city dog parks. Please see the city web site for a full list of city rules. A dog park permit is required, as well as a license, rabies tag and owner ID tag. The entire fee for the dog park permit is used for maintenance and improvements in the dog parks, so buying the permit directly benefits you and your dog! 

Dogs which may become unruly with other dogs, bicycles, children or other people must be kept on leash at all times!  Remember – other dogs will be off leash and may approach your dog, so aggressive dogs should NEVER be in an off-leash dog park.


Quann has some unique characteristics that users need to consider. In addition to the fully fenced main field there is a separate path/creek corridor which is fenced on three sides but open to Wingra creek. The path/creek corridor requires dogs to be under especially good voice control for their own safety, to prevent them from crossing the creek and/or going around the ends of the fence.  The north end of the creek corridor ends close to busy traffic on Olin Ave.  At the south end near the bridge escapees could get hurt by cars in the parking lot or on Wingra Creek Parkway.  They could also hurt or interfere with pedestrians and bicyclists on the bridge and bike paths on both sides of the creek.  If your dog is not under good enough voice control, please keep your dog leashed in the creek corridor, or stay in the main field that is fully enclosed.

Even off-leash parks have leash rules!

Dogs must be leashed when entering and leaving the off-leash areas.  Please don’t let your dog run loose in the parking lots, it is dangerous!  One of the little known official off-leash parks rules, way at the bottom of the list, is that “The owner/handler must have the leash in his/her possession at all times.”  In other words - don’t leave your leash in the car, on the fence or at the kiosks.  You may need to leash your dog if a fight breaks out near you, a city or county vehicle is driving/working in the park with the gates open, or some other unexpected event occurs.

How to use the double gated entries.
The double gated entries are installed for all our dogs’ safety!  They serve two functions – to prevent escapes and to minimize fights as dogs enter the park.  Please be a good neighbor and use the double gated entry at the Quann (tennis court) parking lot to help protect everyone’s dog, even though that single gate may be easier, closer or more convenient for you.

  • Wait for the double gated area to be clear of people and dogs before entering.  Only your own group of dogs is allowed with you between the double gates at any time.
  • Keep all dog(s) on leash, open the first gate and enter the area, then close the first gate behind you.
  • Remove leashes and any choke or pinch collars from your dog(s).  Remember that your dog needs to wear their permit and other tags, so they need to be wearing a flat collar or harness.
  • Open the gate into the play area and let your dog(s) in to the dog park.
  • Close and latch the interior gate behind you.
  • Do the reverse on your way out! 

Some people think of it as an airlock where only one gate can be open at a time.  Leashes go off and on within the gates, like a changing room.  Respect the next person who will use the gates by always closing them behind you.

If you MUST use a single gated area, like into the creek corridor, please use the pedestrian gate rather than the larger vehicle gate to minimize the potential for other dogs to escape as you are entering/leaving.  Be extra vigilant to make sure no one else’s dog can escape and/or come to harm


Everyone MUST Pick Up After Their Dog! Poop pickup bags are provided at the entrances. Take two!  Most dogs poop very soon after entering the park.  Make it a habit to keep your eyes on your dog(s) and get those bags in hand right away. You can greet your friends, and talk on the phone later.  Everyone knows that even the most attentive dog owner is going to miss seeing a squat occasionally, so practice Poop Parity! Pick up at least one pile for each dog you bring every time! You can also earn Karma points by picking up one (or more) extra piles! Let’s keep OUR park clean and pleasant for everyone!

How to all get along:

We all want to go to Quann to have a good time in our own way. So how can we "all just get along" when there are big dogs and little dogs and rambunctious dogs and timid dogs?

Example: A conflict can arise because some dogs like to PLAY rougher than others. This is PERCEIVED as a threatening situation to many small-dog owners, small dogs, timid large dogs and timid people. People without much dog experience may not be able to read dog body language well enough to tell the difference between play and aggression. This sets up the conflict situation if a rambunctious dog attempts to play with the timid dog/owner. The playful dog's owner does not intervene because they know it is just play. The timid owner feels threatened and gets upset that the other owner isn’t controlling their dog. Stress ensues – yelling and harsh words get exchanged. Nobody is happy.

Here are some guidelines for avoiding conflicts and misunderstandings.

1. Remember that the other owner may not have seen you yet, or doesn't have the same perception of the situation that you do.

2. If you want someone to call their dog away from you &/or your dog. Call LOUDLY in a FRIENDLY, POLITE tone of voice. "Please call your dog."

3. If someone asks you to call your dog – DO IT!  Don't argue that they are "only playing" or that your dog is friendly etc. That person/dog feels threatened!  Don't take offense (even if that frightened person forgets to be friendly and polite) - just get your dog away, or leashed. Then discuss it.

4. If you can't call your dog away – it isn't under voice control (which we all know is a requirement of using an off-leash dog park). You need to work on your training.  But right now, get to your dog as quickly as possible and leash it. Keep it on leash until the other person/dog is out of range.

5. Thankfully, Quann is a big park. If you don't want to be near another dog(s), go to a different part of the park.

6. We all need to be especially attentive in Quann near the paved (bike) path and the entrances since many non-dog pedestrians and cyclists also frequent those locations and they are much more likely to feel threatened by all dogs.

7. If you have a mean* dog – don't come to Quann, even on leash! Go to a trainer and get some help. (*mean dog is used here as shorthand for aggressive dogs, dogs that bite, and/or dogs that intentionally intimidate, threaten, or hurt other dogs or people!)

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