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Wingra Creek Restoration Project

The much slated Wingra Creek Restoration Project is scheduled to begin after the first of the year. If you’re not up to speed on it further information can be found here.

This project will affect Quann Dog Park, particularly the section along the creek with the paved path running through it. Beginning after the first of the year, the fence enclosing the western side of the path/ creek area will be removed thus this area will not be secure. Dogs should be kept out of this area as will be used as a haul route for the dredging by heavy equipment. The Soccer field to the west of the Dog Park will be used to deposit the dredging. This material is very messy and efforts should be made to keep dogs away. The project is listed as having a one year duration, however Engineering does anticipate completion of the work affecting Quann Dog Park by the end of June.


Winter snow clearing plans:

  1. Main entrances.  Parks Rangers will help to clear snow from the two double gated entries at Quann dog park.  Rangers have been scheduled to clear snow first thing in the morning.  Because of the unpredictable timing of any snow fall, they are asking us to continue to help out.  It is much harder to clear the snow if it has become packed down.  So if you are able, please help shovel if you get there before staff.  Parks has provided a snow shovel and a pail of sand at each entrance.  Feel free to use the sand around the entries if snow or ice makes them slippery.

    Please avoid forcing the gates through or over snow as this often unhinges the gate or twists the hinges making the gate unusable.  It is unacceptable to force open a gate and fail to get it closed again.

  2. Single gates entrances.  Volunteers are still needed to shovel out the single gated entries.  Quann4Dogs has provided shovels at these entries which include:

    The single gate off the Quann tennis court parking lot
    The gate at the south-west corner off the bike path
    The gate between the large field and the creek corridor

    Please help if you are able. If those gates are not cleared either don't use them, or pick up the shovel and help out.  Note - no parking is allowed at any of the gates along Quann-Olin Parkway or on the grass edge along the road, so I have not put any shovels by these gates.  If you walk to one of these entrances and are willing to shovel it out please let me know and I can put a shovel there for your use.

  3. Creek corridor. 2015 only:  The creek corridor will be closed for Wingra Creek restoration Project.  Please do not use the creek corridor starting Jan 1, 2015 until the project in completed, probably around June.

Typical years.  Parks staff plow the path in the creek corridor and they need better control of the vehicle gates to make this efficient.  Park staff will lock the vehicle gates in the open position when snowfall is expected.  Once the plowing is completed, staff will remove the locks so the gates can be closed.  PLEASE  do not try to close the gates when the padlocks are in place.  Lack of cooperation could result in the path not getting plowed at all.  This is our handicapped accessible path and when we get deep snow this may be the only area many other people can handle. 

Off-leash use of the creek corridor north of the bridge is allowed at all times, whether the gates are open or closed.  Use CAUTION when using the creek corridor.  Remember that the gate on the Olin Ave end will also be open!  Once the creek freezes over, it is possible for dogs to escape to the other side or around the ends of the fencing even when the gates are closed.

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