Quann Park News:

Quann park was on the agenda for the Board of Parks Commissioners Mtg on Sept 8, 2004. 

"IX NEW Business
B. Proposal to Modify the Quann Park Master Plan to enlarge the area designated for Community Garden plots.
   1. Memo from Ald Matt Sloan
   General discussion and recommendations.

Agenda Results:
The Board of Park Commissioners directed the Parks department to put together the plan to expand the Quann gardens by 50% (1/2 acre), specifically WITHOUT reducing the size of the off-leash dog park. The proposal will move the tall fence on the north end of the gardens to include a small amount of the current soccer area. There is sufficient space to do this and still put in the soccer field. This is possible because the boundary between the soccer field and dog park was modified from the original master plan last year when that fence was put in. (In other words, the land was already taken from the dog park last year.) The soccer playing field will be moved slightly north, and there will still be a sufficient buffer zone between it and the fence along the dog park.

Meeting Agenda

Quann Park Improvements are Underway!

The city is installing two picnic-table/kiosks at the Quann park entrances. One is across from the bridge entrance from the Franklin Field parking lot, and the other at the tennis court parking lot entrance at the end of Expo Drive. These kiosks/tables consist of a roofed picnic table with a display board going through the middle of the long axis. One side will be for official city use and the other for general usage. They will also have a money collection box for dog park permit payments
A double-gated entrance has been added at the tennis parking lot entrance. This helps prevent dogs from "escaping" when someone else is entering/exiting. There is some turf stone up to and through this gate. Turf stone is an open weave concrete filled with gravel (for drainage). So we wont have to wade through the mud, yippee!

A concrete pad has been added for the picnic table at the dog beach. A roofed picnic table on a concrete pad is also being installed in the southwest area of the field. The smaller concrete pads near the kiosks will be for the waste collection barrels.

Unfortunately the parks department says that there are no funds available for additional fencing of the off-leash dog area at Quann. To help out and get fencing sooner the Quann4Dogs advocacy group is fundraising for fencing. Link to advocacy page Our first objective is to protect dogs from traffic along Expo drive, with the eventual goal of having a completely fenced off-leash area with a separate fenced small dog area (details still under discussion – join the advocacy yahoo group to add your opinion. Parks wants OUR INPUT on whether, where and how big the small dog area should be. Please submit your ideas.)

The "official" off-leash area is the area north of the fence running from the path to Expo Drive and up to the peak of the ridge on the north. (Essentially the area occupied by the Alliant Center's overflow parking). While the appeal before the Board of Park Commissioners is under consideration (see below), the short grass area (the proposed soccer field) between the gardens and the fence remains part of the off-leash dog park. Off-leash dogs are allowed along the path-creek corridor adjacent to the dog park. Dogs should be leashed from the parking areas until they enter the dog park. (until across the bridge, or past the gardens) Off-leash use of the path could be lost if complaints arise from dogs interfering or harming bicyclists and pedestrians. So if you see any dogs causing problems for pedestrians or bicyclists, PLEASE talk to the owners and STRONGLY encourage them to either walk them off-leash up on the field and well away from the path, or leash their dog(s).

There are no plans to move or install a water fountain within the official off-leash area. There are two reasons for this. First - they can't dig and lay water lines in the landfill area. Second - the UW Veterinary Clinic has advised the city NOT TO PUT IN water fountains at the dog parks based on strong medical evidence that sharing of water at dogs parks is spreading disease between dogs in the parks. But dehydration and heat stroke are also important health risks if no water is available. So bring a plastic grocery bag to line the bowl at the existing water fountain and dump out the water after your dog is finished. You can then use that bag for waste pickup!

Appeal before the Board of Park Commissioners May 12, 2004

The board will be considering an appeal to change the master plan for Quann park. The intent of the appeal is to retain the area currently designated for soccer field to remain off-leash dog park due to the anticipated frequent usage of the overflow parking area by Alliant Energy Center.
The full text of the appeal is available on the park advocacy page.
Appeal in Acrobat pdf format.

Update on the Appeal.

On May 12, the board referred the matter to the Parks Department to determine if it was possible to have dual use of the ~6 acre area adjacent to the community gardens. Dual use would mean that the field would be used for off-leash dog park when the main dog park area is closed due to AEC events. The rest of the time it would be used for soccer or other field sports (when the main dog park is open).
The Parks dept will study this possible dual use, determining if it will be possible to schedule games around the AEC events. They will then report back to the Board at a future meeting. In the meantime, no work to prepare the field for soccer usage is scheduled to occur.
If you would like to add your support for the appeal you can still add your name to the petition. Send your name and address to

Quann Off-leash Dog Park will be CLOSED for the following Alliant Energy Center events:

April 14-18 Midwest Horse Fair
June 18-July 6 Partially closed for ESPN setup
July 7-11 ESPN Great Outdoor Games (Alternate off-leash area provided in Franklin
July 13-18 Dane County Fair
Aug 10-17 Eyes to the Skies Balloons
Aug 21 Lands End Corporate Picnic
Sept 24 – Oct 2 World Dairy Expo Overflow parking
These are the dates provided by the Alliant Energy Center. Dates subject to change (it’s happened for every event so far this summer). Dates do not include cleanup time after the livestock events.
The city Parks contact for dog park questions is Lavonne LaFave.
266-4711 llafave@cityofmadison.com

The earth-moving north of the dog park in Quann consists of fly-ash contaminated soil from the East Wash reconstruction. Fly ash is the residue from coal burning and is high in HEAVY METALS and therefore must be disposed of in a landfill. City Engineering does not consider this an inhalation danger because the ash is well mixed with soil. However, eating the soil could be toxic. Please prevent your dogs from going into the construction area, for their own safety. City engineering has put up an orange mesh fence to help keep dogs out. There should not be heavy machinery moving on the Quann roads due to this project.

To stay informed about plans and changes at Quann and to voice your opinions:
please join the advocacy group at Quann4dogs-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

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